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The smash-hit game show of bluff & deception,
played by the funniest cards at the festival.

The Melbourne Comedy Festival Spirit


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The Famous Spiegeltent - Melbourne, December 2006
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Claire Hooper, Bob Franklin, Lawrence Mooney & Brad Oakes. (Photo: Alan Clement) Loz takes the leader's "jersey": Claire Hooper, Bob Franklin , Lawrence Mooney, Brad Oakes & Cam Crome. BACK: Marcus Jones. (Photo: Rita Athanasopoulos)
Marcus Jones (right) collects answers from Claire Hooper, Bob Franklin, Lawrence Mooney, Brad Oakes & Cam Crome (left to right). (Photo: Alan Clement) Hoodwinked audience at The Famous Spiegletent. (Photo: Alan Clement)
Hoodwinked stage and audience at The Famous Spiegeltent. (Photo: Alan Clement) Marcus Jones asks contestants to select from the concocted answers. (Photo: Alan Clement)
Alison Ritchie (scorer) & Marcus Jones (Host). (Photo: Alan Clement) Marcus Jones & Alison Ritchie. (Photo: Alan Clement)

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